Managing your business in challenging times and beyond

Over the last couple of decades, we have seen a number of major global and regional issues that have severely impacted on the way we work and manage our resources. Although bleak at the time we have always found a way to manage and to minimise disruption and to move forwards.

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People are resourceful, but they need the right tools to help them. Nobody knows what the next issue will be, or the ultimate impact the current one will have, so we all need to continue to be adaptable in how we work and how we utilise the space we work in to best meet the flexibility of our workforce. It is always true that organisations face pressure on the costs of running buildings and space. If it wasn’t already, having a single version of the truth through TRIRIGA IWMS is going to be a key priority for RE leaders and space planners.

Founded in 1911, serving 177 counties and with over 350,000 employees, IBM are no strangers to having to adapt to changing and challenging environments. They use IBM TRIRIGA IWMS internally to help them plan and manage their portfolio, not just in the challenging times, but all the time. Running on premise or via SaaS, IBM TRIRIGA can manage every aspect of your portfolio, from space, assets and maintenance management to capital projects, leases administration, finance and contractor management, to name but a few areas. It can help you plan and react to changing circumstances to make the best and most economic use of your current portfolio or change it to meet your current and future needs.

Explaining IBM Tririga components

As an IBM Gold Business Partner, MACS works very closely with IBM to review your needs and provide solutions and services to help you based on real world situations and experience. You may not choose to make any significant changes in this current environment, but we will still be here when life returns to normal and can help ensure that you have the right tools to help you through less turbulent times.

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