MACS and Come Together to Offer a Comprehensive Workplace Experience Platform

MACS is pleased to announce its new partnership with, an industry leader in asset information management solutions.

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MACS is pleased to announce its new partnership with, an industry leader in asset information management solutions.

Through this collaboration, MACS and have entered into a Value-Added Reseller partnership, enabling MACS to resell and integrate Viewport technology into its industrial offerings. As a prominent provider of Enterprise Asset Management software, MACS is excited to leverage’s innovative asset information software, which provides meaningful asset data for both humans and machines. With this partnership, MACS will offer Viewport solutions, implementation services, and post-implementation support across eight countries in Europe, the UK, and Ireland.

For both our existing and new customers, the combination of, IBM Maximo EAM, and IBM TRIRIGA Facility Management—an integrated workplace management solution—will deliver up-to-date and high-quality data to optimise their workforce.

The digitalisation of the industry brings immense opportunities but also results in vast amounts of unvalidated data. To address this challenge, novel and disruptive approaches to asset information delivery are crucial. These approaches will empower agile organisations, combat knowledge loss, and democratise access to asset data.

Agile organisations demand constant and swift adaptation to market conditions. To support continuous improvement processes, operations, maintenance, and engineering teams require easily accessible and meaningful asset data. To combat knowledge loss, it is essential to enhance the capabilities of the workforce. This can be achieved by providing tools that foster creativity and productivity, and by cultivating an environment that attracts the next generation of talent.

Guus de Nijs, CEO of MACS, comments;

“MACS is excited to deliver the cloud-based platform allowing companies to select from configurable, out-of-the-box features, which can be adapted as their business grows”.

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About MACS

We are a Systems Integration Consultancy helping asset-intensive industries maximize the value of their assets. For more than 30 years, our digital transformation solutions have enhanced companies across Europe and the UK in everything from Facilities Management and Manufacturing, to Transport, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Pharma, Chemical and Government.

About Viewport

Viewport is an innovative software product by Radial Software Group that helps organizations improve the delivery of sensible asset data for man and machine. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Radial SG helps organizations combat brain drain and data quality issues and identify safety hazards. The company is dedicated to reducing risk and improving decision-making by providing its clients with instant access to accurate and up-to-date asset information. Viewport’s AI-based processing allows organizations to gain control over their technical asset information, resulting in reduced risks, increased compliance, and improved operational excellence.