Maximo Asset Monitor: Don’t just monitor, monitor smarter.

Maximo Asset Monitor provides a monitoring solution for real-time visibility, root-cause troubleshooting, anomaly detection, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven alerts at scale.

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What is Maximo Asset Monitor?

With Maximo Asset Monitor, business users can visualize current and historical trend data for their devices and assets in customizable dashboards. In the hierarichal navigator, users can drill down through layers from a system-wide view to individual assets.

Analytic functions are applied to input data, and the output is displayed on value cards, tables, images, line graphs, and alert tables. The data is marked up with alert information that is driven from built-in anomaly detector models and alert functions.

Maximo Asset Monitor includes the following components of IBM Maximo Asset Monitor:

  • A platform component for connecting and registering devices.
  • Data stores for intermediate and long-term storage of data.
  • Analytics for performing calculations, anomaly detection, and alerting.
  • Configurable dashboards for monitoring KPIs, anomalies, and alerts.
IBM Maximo Asset Monitor


Built on Watson IoT Platform

Maximo Asset Monitor is an end-to-end, fully managed cloud service offering that is built on Watson IoT Platform.

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IBM Watson IoT Platform is a foundational cloud offering that can connect and control IoT sensors, appliances, homes, and industries. Built on IBM Cloud, Watson IoT Platform provides an extensive set of built-in and add-on tools. Use these tools to process IoT data with real-time and historical analytics, extract key performance indicators (KPIs) from your data, add “smarts” in the cloud for non-smart products, and securely connect your own apps and existing tools to the Watson IoT Platform infrastructure.

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Click on the video image below for a quick explanation about what IBM Maximo Asset Monitor has to offer.

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