MACS Customer Day 2022 - Resources

All the resources and presentations from the MACS customer day are available below.

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Thank you for attending/signing up our MACS customer day for 2022!

We hope you enjoyed attending our customer day useful and received insight into the present and future of IBM Maximo. With sustainability as such an important aspect of our business and our clients, MACS are here to assist you in beginning your journey to a more sustainable future. We can help you consider sustainable changes with the power of IBM Maximo.

Presentations and resources:

MACS Customer Day - Welcome Presentation

Opening presentation from the day.

Maximo Application Suite Overview

Overview of IBM Maximo Application Suite.

Maximo Application Suite License Model

Overview of the new Maximo Licensing model from IBM.

Maximo Visual Inspection Look & Feel

Deep dive into Maximo visual inspection with Han van Gerwen, Technician Specialist Asset Management, IBM.

What’s New Sustainability software & Roadmap - IBM Maximo & Control Desk

The Future of Maximo and the sustainability mission and strategy with Ronald Teijken, Business Partner Manager, IBM.

What’s New Sustainability software & Roadmap - IBM Envizi

A look at the new IBM sustainability software and how it can help your business with Tania Van Garsse, IBM.

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