New IBM Maximo Application Suite provides monitoring, maintenance and reliability applications in one single platform

Asset maintenance and operations leaders are wanting to know how they can reduce manual inspections and create predictive models that help migrate risks. Organisations want to reduce their potential downtime, ensuring their businesses continue to move forward.

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IBM Maximo Application Suite, also known as Maximo 8.0, helps you maintain resiliency and business continuity, even when faced with the most disruptive conditions. It not only streamlines installation and administration, but it also has capabilities to unify your operations, connecting all teams across your business.


Employing new asset management methods, asset managers will be able to adapt to the ever changing conditions organisations face. These new technologies will now ensure you can take preventative, predictive, and prescriptive actions. Helping to ensure your organisation is able to adapt to changing circumstances, maintaining business continuity, and financial responsibility across the board.


When AI enabled Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems are partnered with an asset monitoring solution, this provides your organisation with valuable information. This provides actionable insights for your maintenance, operations, and facility teams alike.


Having this valuable insight will allow for your technicians to be notified prior to your equipment failing, reducing potential losses and downtime. Securing your organisation’s operational resilience, will allow you to work with solutions that offer you the innovation you need across your organisation.


IBM Maximo Application Suite has numerous benefits, putting you and your team on the path of obtaining operational visibility of your assets throughout their lifecycle with a faster ROI, increased productivity as well as operational uptime.


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