IBM Maximo – Ensuring all your technicians perform like your best technician

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Where would we be without our home assistants, Alexa, Google Assist and Siri. Our home digital assistants help make our daily lives easier, so now we can bring you the same technology direct into your workplace.

The face of maintenance is changing across every industry with IBM Maximo Assist. IBM Maximo Assist formerly known as IBM’s Equipment Maintenance Assistant has the Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to extract essential knowledge, ensuring every technician in your organisation performs to the highest level.

In a time where organisations are struggling with the loss of talent, knowledge silos, raising maintenance costs and aging infrastructures, AI can evolve a new era of maintenance productivity.

Ensuring your field technicians, regardless of their experience level, have the ability to increase their knowledge through the data you have collected through the power of AI. This solution develops its knowledge base utilising both your structured and unstructured data associated with repairs, technical documents, work order history, specification diagrams, industry blogs, and much more.

Using this data, it is able to identify early warning signs, recognising the optimal repair or service procedure for your technician to implement. Learning from the technicians’ interactions, it is able to continually learn, adapting future recommendations to ensure your organisation is always working to its best.

Bringing Watson AI technology to technicians will totally change the landscape of how maintenance programs are run. Working seamlessly with IBM Maximo, we create configurable solutions based on your unique requirements. An easy to train system, that does not require a single line of code, or data team to get started, it is ready straight from the box.

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