MACS Enterprise Asset Management powered by IBM

MEAM is a product developed by MACS based on IBM Maximo or IBM TRIRIGA Asset Management software. It is a complete plug and play system based on the MACS QuickStart methodology, fully adaptable to the business needs of an organisation. 

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Our Solutions

MEAM is a product developed by MACS powered by IBM Maximo or IBM TRIRIGA Asset Management software. It is a complete plug and play system based on the MACS QuickStart methodology, fully adaptable to the business needs of an organisation. 

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MEAM is a product developed by MACS based on IBM Maximo or IBM TRIRIGA software. MEAM is a comprehensive solution for managing physical assets on a common platform, in asset intensive industries. MEAM offers “built in” mobile access, out-of-the box mapping, crew management and analytical insight.  It is a complete plug and play system based on the MACS QuickStart methodology.

MACS FAME enriches IBM Maximo with Facility Management functionalities. With MACS FAME, you have the solution to deliver practical Facility management within IBM Maximo. If additional Facility management solutions are required, such as, Integrated Workplace and facility management – IBM TRIRIGA  is offered to better suit the functionality requirements of the enterprise.

MEAM is a hosted solution, which is fully cared for by MACS.

MEAM Asset Configuration Extension (ACE)

MACS Enterprise Asset Management powered by IBM Maximo or IBM TRIRIGA offers an excellent maintenance and asset management system which gives you necessary insights from multiple angles.

MACS has developed an Asset Configuration Extension (ACE) within IBM Maximo and IBM TRIRIGA designed to provide users with just the information they need to see, to support their daily work.

Solution Overview

What does the extension do?

Firstly, it presents all the work orders (and service requests) that have been completed or are outstanding for the selected asset on a separate tab.

At first glance, your asset manager will be able to view which work type has been carried out and what further future work has been planned. To make life even easier, the extension splits the work orders by type.

Functional Overview

As this extension is embedded in our MACS Enterprise Asset Management solution it is delivered complimentary when purchased directly from MACS.

Our extension uses but a few well-thought-through relationships, and no customisation which makes the extension future proof for Maximo releases to come.

Experience the Benefits


Streamline your asset management with one integrated platform.


High level of visibility of assets usage helps reduce your downtime and boost productivity.


Configuring our EAM solutions rather than customising will reduce overall lifecycle costs.


Flexible deployment options - SaaS, Hybrid, Cloud & On Premise.


Be compliant with Regulatory and Risk Management Requirements.


Intelligent scheduling and planning of maintenance work.

IBM Maximo Key Features

Asset Management allows you to track, manage and locate assets throughout the asset lifecycle out of the box

  • Define Location and asset hierarchies
  • Visibility of historic roll-up costs across locations, assets, and systems
  • Manage asset Modeling through BIM
  • Visibility of warranty contracts and vendor information
  • Define Child assets, Spare Parts, Attributes, Meters, and Specification.

Work Management in Maximo allows the execution of planned and unplanned work activities. From initial request through to completion, whilst capturing all related costs including those based on skill set levels of your technicians.

  • Maintain job plans for recurring based on best practices and procedures.
  • Preventive/Predictive/Recurring Maintenance.
  • Manage labour, skills and qualifications
  • Mobile enablement for effecective point of failure data collection

Asset Management Scheduler is a Maximo add-on solution that allows planners, supervisors and other users to view any upcoming work graphically, compare the required resources against those available, and adjust accordingly.

  • Visibility of all work orders and forecasted activities on an asset in a Gantt chart so that they can be grouped logically and scheduled optimally.
  • The ability to view resource load against availability helps to resolve over allocation and underutilisation.
  • Manage task and work dependencies
  • Drag and drop forecast dates to accommodate resource availability.

Inventory Management improves your maintenance inventory management with bar code scanning and inventory automation. Manage work order issues, returns, counting, arrivals, quality control, and item availability.

  • Manage inventory across storerooms and sites for clearer visibility
  • Inventory optimisation help stock the right level of inventory to meet your demands.
  • Establish approved vendors and contracts to eliminate costly purchasing.
  • Fully manage receipts, inspections and vendor payments.
  • Specify economic reorder data, such as the order level, delivery lead time and the order unit of inventory items

Procurement Management supports all phases of enterprise-wide procurements such as direct purchasing and inventory replenishments. The applications support you with storing information on approved vendors  

  • Associate Service Level Agreements to contract and monitor vendor performance.
  • Manage your procurement process, including obtaining quotations, purchasing of materials and services, and subsequently their receipts and invoice entry.

Contract Management provides complete tracking for purchase, lease, rental, warranty, labor rate, software, master, blanket and user-defined contracts.

IBM Maximo Industry Solutions

To meet the specific needs of different industries, IBM offers vertical solutions called Industry Solutions which extend IBM Maximo’s core features. Please see our Industry sections for further details, the following is the main list:


Reduce facility operations costs by centralising critical processes, increasing space utilisation and accelerating workplace configuration. Identify underutilised facilities and provide move management capabilities for more efficient asset relocation.

Capital projects have many shifting pieces. Identifying priorities, planning, securing budget, selecting vendors, and managing contracts are just a few of the outcomes that must be achieved. Doing this manually becomes an overload of paperwork and confusion. Tririga offers a better more efficient way.

Reduce maintenance and operations costs by simplifying the delivery of maintenance services and management of service providers with a centralized database. Automate maintenance processes to improve the condition of critical assets and extend their life.

Reduce energy consumption to meet long-term sustainability goals and generate higher returns from energy efficiency projects. Achieve carbon reduction goals via environmental investment analysis and streamlining of carbon accounting.

When it comes to managing your leases there is little room for error and no time for methods that don’t work. IBM TRIRIGA has helped hundreds of businesses conform to the new lease accounting standards, ensure accurate financial reporting, and adhere to lease requirements.