Asset & Workplace Management in Public Sector

At MACS, we provide physical asset management solutions to a range of public sector organisations. We’ve worked on everything from maintenance and facility management projects, to wider-ranging solutions which help to manage leases, space, capital projects, energy use and environmental emissions.

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Managing the challenges

Working within this industry has given us a deep understanding of the many varied property and asset management requirements of public sector organisations.

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Achieving success

In our experience, we’ve found the functionality of Maximo effective for maintenance-based solutions, while Tririga is an ideal fit for property-based applications. Having vast knowledge of both means we can configure these packages rather than developing bespoke custom codes – eliminating the need for costly ongoing maintenance.

Our solutions help organisations reduce energy costs, optimise the use of space, and manage outsourced facility management suppliers. We also develop data collection mechanisms from previously off-line sources and integrate them with main work progress and financial forecasting suites. And we deliver solutions based on existing property portfolios, as well as create evidence-based submissions for future budgets.

Experience the benefits.


Improved ROI - Better control of asset investments and return on investments.


Cost management - Control operations and maintenance spend, especially with outsourced providers.


Improved forecasting - Reduce costs with better forecasting of energy use, and lifecycle costs.

IBM Maximo for Public Sector

IBM Maximo Asset Management is an asset management life cycle and workflow process management system. With Maximo Asset Management, you can optimise the management of the existing capital-intensive assets of an organisation. You can check asset health in real time on a secure, simplified, scalable platform. Three business items play an important role in this: Assets, Processes and People.

In addition to meeting the requirements for process manufacturing, and facilities with core Maximo, IBM has developed specific industry solutions for key asset-intensive industries. Finally you can also integrate with your existing ERP and financial systems.

IBM Tririga for Public Sector

IB Tririga is an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) solution for Real Estate, projects, facilities and space management, operations and energy & environment interconnects within a single software solution. Tririga is modular so you can use the features as you need within your organisation.

The underlying platform, the user-friendly interface, powerful reporting and integration capabilities are always in settlement and allow you to grow into the solution with you.

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