Asset Management in the Utilities Sector

We’ve worked with many organisations operating in this tightly regulated, asset-intensive industry. With so many moving (and constantly changing) parts, we know success relies on smooth and effective end-to-end service – as service disruptions are visible to their users and the public at large.

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Managing the challenges

We’ve worked with many clients in this industry to ensure they can achieve the balance between quality service delivery, service and maintenance, and safety to employees, the public and the environment.

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Achieving success

We successfully provide organisations with the flexible solutions they need to transition to new technologies as older products and processes are replaced and phased out.

Our consultants have worked with clients to implement first-class solutions designed to keep downtime to a minimum for service and maintenance. This means having a tightly controlled system in place, with the ability to efficiently schedule engineers to tasks so assets can be returned to production.

What’s more, we also offer cost-effective ways for maintaining extensive distribution networks. Our mobile and drone solutions, for instance, help field engineers do their job in more places.

Current Utility projects include the following Maximo Solutions

  • Maximo for Utilities
  • Maximo for Health, Safety and Environment Manager ( HSE )
  • Maximo for Spatial Asset Management
  • Maximo Everyplace
  • Maximo Anywhere
  • Asset Management Scheduler

Experience the benefits.


Increase ROI and maximise the value of an asset through planned maintenance and scheduling


Maintain compliance, meet regulations and put audit trails in place to demonstrate their application.


Improve asset management, manage new systems, continually monitor asset health, and improve process.


Manage costs, optimise the performance of assets and manage their lifecycle costs.


Ensure Maintenance receives all of the information they need the first time


Assurance guaranteed by an IBM Certified Technical and Functional team at MACS

Maximo for Utilities

Version 7

IBM Maximo Asset Management is an asset management life cycle and workflow process management system. With Maximo Asset Management, you can optimise the management of the existing capital-intensive assets of an organisation. You can check asset health in real time on a secure, simplified, scalable platform. Three business items play an important role in this: Assets, Processes and People.

In addition to meeting the requirements for process manufacturing, and facilities with core Maximo, IBM has developed specific industry solutions for key asset-intensive industries. Finally you can also integrate with your existing ERP and financial systems.

IBM Maximo Asset Performance Management for Energy & Utilities SaaS is an open analytics solution that is designed to meet a wide range of current and future provider needs. Via data integration, analytics, and visualization it provides a detailed, accurate understanding of historical and current asset and network performance.

It integrates with existing data sources and operational processes to analyze and predict asset performance and risk to help deliver safe, reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy. Key applications include asset performance management, situational awareness, health and risk, investment planning, connectivity model verification, and wind farm optimization.

Use  IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler to visually manage, schedule, and assign work and resources in your organization. 

Manage upcoming work and assignments by creating schedules. By using the Gant view, maps, and calendars, you can see the work and resource requirements that are in the schedule. For unplanned work, respond to requirements by graphically assigning work to the appropriate labours and crews based on their availability. You can create street-level routes for work lists to visually manage work progress. 

Manage all aspects of scheduling by configuring the scheduling process.

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IBM Maximo Anywhere gives you remote access from most mobile devices to Maximo Asset Management processes – work and asset management.
It is built on the IBM Worklight platform with an interface that is customisable, so you can create your own assets.
It enables your mobile workforce to:

  • Get instant access to critical data, even while disconnected.
  • Work with a broad range of instrumented machines and smart devices.
  • Complete tasks virtually anywhere with secure, trusted transactions.
  • Reduce data entry errors and miscommunications by allowing users to simply do their work – even while disconnected.

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