Transportation Asset Management

For more than 30 years, we’ve worked with companies from all corners of the transportation industry – from port authorities and airports, to roads and rail. We’ve not only successfully helped our clients meet strict health and safety regulations but achieve cost efficiencies and quality services within the business.

Managing the challenges

Safety, productivity, and visibility are all fundamental in the transportation industry. With our in-depth knowledge and experience, we’ve helped companies achieve this and more.


Achieving success           

Through our unique solutions developed to work with BESA we have helped many companies overcome the challenges of complying with changing safety requirements and regulations with success.

With the use of predictive maintenance and analytics, we’ve also given service-oriented businesses greater visibility across their processes. This has given them real-time insight into their processes, so they can identify and deal with potential disruptions before they affect a service.

Our clients have achieved their return on investment with our assistance in mobilising their workforce resulting in, not only increased productivity, but further visibility in the field.

Experience the benefits.


Get more from the most productive assets within your business to get the best ROI.


Stay compliant ensure the business remains compliant with changing regulatory requirements with minimal effort.


Reduce downtime minimise the downtime time assets or services through increased visibility and predictive analysis.


Reduce disruptions minimise breakdowns and disruptions to services by having a system for scheduled maintenance.


Flexible deployment options - SaaS, Hybrid, Cloud & On Premise.


A single platform which enables you to manage your maintenance, incidents and health & safety requirements

Maximo for Transportation

Maximo for Transportation offers a complete solution for managing all types of transportation assets:  

  • fleets of cars, trucks, and buses
  • consists, locomotives, and rail vehicles
  • aircraft
  • boats and ships

Maximo for Transportation incorporates features to extend asset life, optimize parts management, reduce road calls, and increase planned maintenance. It introduces consist management for railway assets. And it has advanced asset management capabilities for asset status, meter change-out and history, meter import, component and position codes, serial number changes, and warranty recovery.  

Maximo for Transportation also has enhanced work management capabilities for campaigns, industry codes, labour qualifications, maintenance alerts, and recording inspections and cleaning. It incorporates a mechanic’s clipboard and facilitates outside repair orders. Extended inventory management features include cycle counting and fuel tank management. Other features include life-cycle costing, motor pool management, driver logs, fuel and fluid management, and asset templates.  

With Maximo for Aviation, aviation companies can efficiently schedule and manage aircraft maintenance to maintain regulatory compliance and minimize periods when an aircraft is grounded.

The efficient maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) of aircraft increases flight availability and extends the life of airframes, engines, and other components of an aircraft. Airlines can manage MRO services internally, purchase some or all of these services from MRO providers, and offer MRO services to other airlines.

IBM Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager provides enterprises with applications that support integrated processes for improving safety, reliability, environmental, and operational performance in compliance with regulations. The key objectives are to reduce operational risk, to increase the return on assets, and to maintain a safe operating environment. 

This product also addresses the following specialised needs: 

  • Action tracking and regulatory compliance.
  • Asset specifications and failure codes.
  • Audit and survey preparation and analysis of findings that is based on results.
  • Benefits and losses that are associated with improvements and solutions.
  • Bypass management and activities that are associated with bypass operations.
  • Certification specifications to verify that standards for assets or personnel are met.
  • Defects, incident management, and continuous improvement.
  • Drilling construction and completion.
  • Drilling and production run reporting.
  • Investigations, including after action reviews and root cause failure analysis.
  • Lock out and tag out operations planning and definition.
  • Management of change and standard actions that are associated with management of change and action tracking.
  • Matrix-based work prioritization and forward planning of work according to plant conditions.
  • Operator logs, loss reporting, solutions, and lessons learned.
  • Operator log books that you use to review all shift log entries that relate to an asset or a location. Operator log books link shift log entries together into a log book. An operator log book facilitates the organization of operator logs and their associated actions, such as the Shift Log Handover Personnel who are taking over from an earlier work shift can review the progression of events and be aware of the possible need for action.
  • Permit and certificate planning, risk matrixes, and risk assessment.
  • Permit to work creation and definition of associated activities.
  • Preparation of work activities in support of the various phases of work packages.
  • As a Self-Service user, you can create incident records within the Incidents module to report potentially unsafe conditions and to prevent accidents. The Incidents module also contains the Review Incidents application that you can use to review incident records.


You use IBM Maximo Asset Configuration Manager to manage the configuration of high-value, complex, and regulated assets such as aircraft, rail vehicles, engines, weapon systems, and so on.  Maximo Asset Configuration Manager is a rules-based configuration management system.

Maximo Asset Configuration Manager ensures that the actual physical build of an asset meets the requirements of an allowable configuration. Its Build Data Interpreter (BDI) provides comprehensive status derivation for aircraft and other configuration-managed assets. For example, the Build Data Interpreter checks an actual aircraft, position by position, to ensure that its configuration rules comply with its nominated configuration. The Build Data Interpreter reports the status of noncompliant assets in the Assets (CM) application. It also alerts you to problem assets through color-coded data in various applications.

IBM Maximo Anywhere gives you remote access from most mobile devices to Maximo Asset Management processes – work and asset management.
It is built on the IBM Worklight platform with an interface that is customisable, so you can create your own assets.
It enables your mobile workforce to:

  • Get instant access to critical data, even while disconnected.
  • Work with a broad range of instrumented machines and smart devices.
  • Complete tasks virtually anywhere with secure, trusted transactions.
  • Reduce data entry errors and miscommunications by allowing users to simply do their work – even while disconnected.

Use IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler to visually manage, schedule, and assign work and resources in your organization. 

Manage upcoming work and assignments by creating schedules. By using the Gantt view, maps, and calendars, you can see the work and resource requirements that are in the schedule. For unplanned work, respond to requirements by graphically assigning work to the appropriate labours and crews based on their availability. You can create street-level routes for work lists to visually manage work progress. 

Manage all aspects of scheduling by configuring the scheduling process.

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