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Mobile EAM solutions deliver remote and AI-based expert assistance, real-time asset history and operational data from wearables, safety sensors and diagnostic interfaces to the digital twin. Explore the mobile EAM solutions below and discover how intelligent mobile EAM can keep technicians connected and your organisation productive.

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Mobile EAM Solutions

Mobile EAM solutions: With the right solutions, you can provide your workforce with the flexibility it needs to be more productive and efficient to manage any asset, anytime, any place

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Mobile EAM Solutions – Manage any asset, anytime, any place

Maximo Mobile, built on next-generation mobile technology, is a revolutionary, easy-to-deploy platform that provides technicians the right asset operational data at the right time—all in the palm of their hand. It helps your technicians scale their expertise, improve asset reliability, and streamline your business operations. As part of the IBM Maximo® Application Suite, IBM Maximo Mobile has flexible options and can be deployed on premises or on any cloud environment.

How the Mobile EAM solution works

With IBM Maximo Mobile, field technicians can access all the asset information they need. The user-friendly interface provides content-rich data, including asset history and repair guides. It also offers detailed digital twins, institutional knowledge, and access to experts. See the three key benefits of empowering your technicians with Mobile EAM solutions below:


Experience the benefits.


Boost technician productivity: Equip technicians with mobile-native capabilities and AI-driven tools, ensuring they have comprehensive information to resolve issues, no matter how remote the location.


Create a safer workplace: Ensure worker safety by utilising data from cameras, sensors, beacons, wearables, and other devices to monitor density, capacity levels, restricted zones, and more.


Train workers and reduce knowledge gaps: Provide the new generation of workers with the information they need to perform their tasks, including essential expert and institutional knowledge, all at their fingertips.


Spot problems and avoid downtime: Detect minor issues before they escalate with computer vision and AI-based visual inspections.


Find answers, anytime, anywhere: Leverage AI and human-based assistance to search for the most likely solutions, identify parts, and collaborate remotely with experts.


Stay in compliance: Utilise integrated HSE data and processes to enhance safety, environmental, and operational performance in accordance with regulations and operating procedures.

Maximo Mobile EAM key features

Enhance technicians’ capabilities and knowledge with an AI assistant, or provide them with access to accurate information through remote collaboration with recognised experts.

Enable technicians to read, update, create data, and conduct inspections even in the most remote locations.

Boost efficiency with user-friendly features, such as image capture and barcode scanning. Technicians can also utilise voice-to-text functions and GPS for better navigation to locations.

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