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With IBM Control Desk we can offer an integrated service management solution that allows you to manage IT processes, services, configuration items (CIs) and assets. IBM Control Desk processes are in accordance with the best ITIL practices, and come with pre-configured processes. This minimises implementation efforts. It is an evolving solution that will improve your operations.

IBM Control Desk is accessible via mobile technology and can be integrated into social media, Watson IoT platform and development tools.

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IBM Control Desk is an integrated IT service management solution that allows you to manage IT processes, support the people in your organisation, services, configuration items (CIs) and assets.

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IT Service Management Service

We understand the importance of having a support or helpdesk within your organisation, where co-workers and customers alike can ask questions, report failures or ask for IT advice IBM Control Desk does all this, and more.

We not only implement this software but can ensure it supports the infrastructure of your business. By using an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) approach, your help desk will become a single point of contact (SPOC) for all support – whether by phone, email or online.

All actions are initiated and resolved in this same location, as is all correspondence with internal customers.

IBM Control Desk is 100% compatible with IBM Maximo Asset Management. It allows you to manage different types of service, classes of assets and resources, in a single environment. This unified platform significantly reduces system maintenance and updates.

The following processes are supported in IBM Control Desk (ICD):

  • Service desk
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Service catalog
  • Configuration management
  • Change management
  • Release management
  • Procurement management
  • License management
  • IT asset management

IBM Control Desk offers these processes in a single, integrated and modular solution. IBM Control Desk consists of modules containing the applications that run through the described processes. Where necessary and relevant, these applications are integrated with each other so that the processes connect seamlessly.

We understand the importance of a support or a help desk within your organisation where colleagues and customers can ask questions, report errors or need IT advice, IBM Control Desk has all of this, and much more.

Experience the benefits.


Reporting problems and requesting service is easy, so people can use the system productively.


The system provides a high level of insight so change can be managed more effectively.


Enables staff to be productive and responsive to resolve issues by prioritising and resolving issues.


Flexible deployments options On Premise, SaaS (software as service) or as a VM image.


Automated process management, means you can manage a large volume of services and treat issues efficiently with workflow automation.


Shipped with Cognos and BIRT reporting tools to allow an in depth analysis of all of the system’s data

IBM Control Desk Features

Ibm control desk self service portal 1024x530

In the Self Service Portal, you can search for solutions to problems you encounter, report problems, check your tickets, view the latest news bulletins or request services.

The Self Service Portal contains the latest news bulletins, documented solutions, and recent tickets you have entered. From here you can perform the following self-service options:

  • Search the knowledge base for documented solutions, news, or services you need, or use the tree structure to search the catalog
  • Report a problem if you cannot find the solution you are looking for
  • Start a chat with a service desk representative to resolve a problem
  • Check the tickets you’ve submitted to monitor their progress
  • Request services from the catalog of service offerings that your organisation offers
  • Notifications can be created in the system in various ways.
Ibm control desk self service portal service catalogue 1024x531

You can define items and services in the Offerings application, and the catalogues application allows you to group items so that users can search for and order them in the service catalogue and the Self-Service Portal.

The IBM Control Desk Service Catalogue includes the following features:

  • Service request management integration
  • Definition of services and service providers
  • Service definition management
  • Buy services/search for services
  • Application approval
  • Notification and status monitoring of the request
Ibm control desk agent portal 1024x530

The Service Desk component contains functionalities with which you can improve the service level of your organisation on the one hand and save costs on the other. You can optimize the productivity of Service Desk staff, quickly troubleshoot services, set ticket priorities, and perform other tasks that improve service desk efficiency.

Configuration items 1024x641

IBM Control Desk contains all the elements required for effective lifecycle management of IT assets and software:

  • Integrated service, asset and configuration management
  • Change, configuration, release, incident and problem management based on ITIL guidelines.
Change management 1024x485

The workflow of the change process ensures that all changes are executed efficiently. The flexible user interface allows you to create, assign, monitor, notify, and report the status of change reviews, approvals and implementation tasks using an efficient ITIL process with defined roles.

You can make changes, set and manage blackout periods, schedule changes, define change periods for CIs, etc.

Deployed software 1024x543
  • Compliance management
  • Insight into needed vs. purchased
  • Managing software contracts and Proof of Entitlements (POE)

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