Enhance Your Asset Management with Maximo Mobile

Maximise the full potential of your IBM Maximo software exploring the mobile capabilities.

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Maximise the full potential of your IBM Maximo software exploring the mobile capabilities.

IBM Maximo Mobile is a mobile application designed to extend the capabilities of IBM Maximo, a comprehensive enterprise asset management (EAM) software solution. Maximo Mobile provides several functionalities and benefits for organisations looking to streamline their asset management processes and improve overall efficiency.

IBM Maximo Mobile offers a range of functionalities specifically tailored for technicians, enabling them to efficiently perform their tasks while in the field. Here’s how IBM Maximo Mobile benefits technicians:

Mobility: Maximo Mobile enables users to access the full functionality of IBM Maximo on mobile devices, allowing technicians, maintenance workers, and other stakeholders to perform tasks from anywhere, at any time. This mobility increases productivity by allowing users to complete work orders, access asset information, and enter data directly from the field.

Work Order Management: Users can create, update, and close work orders directly from their mobile devices. They can view work order details, assign tasks to technicians, track work progress, and capture data such as labour hours, materials used, and equipment readings in real-time.

Asset Management: Maximo Mobile provides access to asset information, including asset location, status, maintenance history, and associated documentation. Users can perform asset inspections, record asset readings, and initiate maintenance activities directly from their mobile devices.

Inventory Management: Users can manage inventory levels, track materials usage, and request replenishment of parts and supplies while in the field. This ensures that technicians have the necessary resources to complete maintenance tasks efficiently.

Offline Capabilities: Maximo Mobile offers offline capabilities, allowing users to continue working even when they are in areas with limited or no network connectivity. Data entered offline is synchronized with the central Maximo system once connectivity is restored.

Barcode and QR Code Scanning:  The application supports barcode and QR code scanning, enabling users to quickly identify assets, parts, and inventory items. This reduces manual data entry errors and speeds up processes such as inventory management and asset tracking.

Real-time Notifications:  Users receive real-time notifications for important events such as new work assignments, task updates, and critical equipment alerts. This ensures that users stay informed and can respond promptly to emerging issues.

Improved Data Accuracy: By capturing data directly at the point of work using mobile devices, Maximo Mobile helps improve data accuracy and integrity. This reduces errors associated with manual data entry and ensures that organisations have reliable information for decision-making.

Enhanced User Experience: Maximo Mobile features an intuitive user interface optimised for mobile devices, making it easy for users to navigate and perform tasks efficiently. The application can be customised to meet the specific needs of different user roles and industries.

Integration: Maximo Mobile seamlessly integrates with the core IBM Maximo system, ensuring that data flows smoothly between the mobile application and the central database. This integration enables organisations to maintain a single source of truth for asset and maintenance information.


Overall, Maximo Manage Mobile transforms the life of the maintenance engineer, it makes the work more flexible, efficient, and productive while ensuring the reliability and performance of critical assets.  

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