Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise asset management connects systems, software and services to manage, secure and improve the quality of operational assets.

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What is Enterprise Asset Management?

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is the process of managing physical assets throughout their life cycle. A good EAM solution helps significantly to reduce costs, improve quality, increase efficiency, and protect health, safety and the environment. In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), software solutions with artificial intelligence (AI) are increasingly coming into focus. Analysing them helps employees to carry out preventive maintenance measures and to optimally design investments in physical assets.

How do EAM and CMMS differ?

There are clear differences between an Enterprise Application Management and a computer-aided maintenance management system (CMMS). CMMS focuses on centralising information to facilitate and automate maintenance management processes. EAM, on the other hand, covers the entire asset life cycle management – ​​from the procurement of the assets and their use in the company to decommissioning and disposal.

What are the main EAM functionalities?

Process management – Manage planned and unplanned processes centrally – from the initial request to completion, including the collection of all actual data.

Maintenance management – Start the transition from corrective maintenance to predictive maintenance, thereby minimising downtime and costs.

Visual process overviews – Present work orders and maintenance plans in a graphical overview. This makes it easier to manage tasks and processes.

Supply chain management – Maintenance assets and materials are part of the supply chain. Connect EAM to your supply chain management for efficiencies.

Environmental and safety management – Document environmental and safety hazards. Reduce risk by continuously analysing incidents, tracking your corrective actions and managing process changes.

Real-time analytics with artificial intelligence- Run analytics based on machine learning and other AI technologies to gain real-time insights into your operations. Automate the planning, scheduling and work processes based on these evaluations.

Management of mobile devices- Keep track of all company-owned and private smartphones or tablets in the network as well as the apps, certificates, etc. installed on them.

Connection to cloud services- Deploy software-as-a-service, cloud, or hybrid cloud services to control costs and improve the flexibility of your IT infrastructure.

Asset-intensive companies benefit the most!

Eight out of ten companies that use enterprise asset management software come from these five industries:

Energy and utility companies – The transport and distribution of water, electricity and gas requires functions for assets such as pipelines or power lines. In addition, these systems must allow for complex workforce planning and take into account geographic information of assets that are further away.

Petroleum, gas and chemicals – These industries attach great importance to maximum reliability and safety. A powerful EAM system not only reduces costs through standardisation and improvement of maintenance processes, but also improves collaboration.

Industrial manufacturing – This area spans a wide variety of industries: A&D, automotive, aerospace, and more. In this environment, EAM is an indispensable part of process control and complements the requirements of product life cycle management.

Travel and transportation –The focus here is on assets for service functionalities for aviation, shipping and rail traffic. Detailed information on topics such as fuel management, personnel management or workshop planning are of crucial importance for freight transport. Access is also possible via mobile clients on smartphones, tablets or notebooks.

Governmental and administrative organisations – Many authorities are confronted with new challenges due to e-government initiatives, new laws and the shortage of skilled workers. Efficient EAM helps implement organisational strategy and manage all resources using the latest technologies.

Our expert tip: IBM Maximo – the EAM solution with added value

The Maximo Application Suite (MAS) combines remote monitoring and maintenance of assets in a single platform. The end-to-end solution for all aspects of asset lifecycle management offers direct access to the computerised maintenance management system, enterprise asset management and asset performance management.

As an integrated solution, IBM Maximo offers attractive added value for asset management, performance and security. The suite is marketed with a simplified, consumption-based licensing model based on the number of concurrent users. The EAM solution offers a hybrid approach: It can be provided on-premise, in the cloud or in a mix of both.

  • Maximisation of plant productivity
  • Improvement of service planning and scheduling
  • Improved capacity planning and forecasting
  • Support for security initiatives
  • Significant reduction in operating costs
  • Improve lead time and availability
  • Increase in the service life of systems

IBM Maximo key stats

MACS IT Consulting: Our USPs for you

As a systems integration consultancy, MACS IT Consulting helps asset-intensive industries maximise the value of their assets. For more than 30 years, our digital transformation solutions have been helping companies across Europe and the UK. The focus is on the areas of facility management, manufacturing, transportation, oil and gas, utilities and government.

We have Gold Business Partner status as an IBM Maximo implementation partner and are happy to advise you on which solutions fit your business needs. But we also ensure that these are implemented according to best practices. With our MACS QuickStart method, you can start using IBM Maximo Asset Management immediately. For a fixed price we offer you a basic implementation that includes loading your data and training. We also have offers for organisations with one or more locations and take care of system upgrades.

  • We are IBM Gold Business Partner and are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified for all offices.
  • We offer 30 years of asset management experience with IBM Maximo.
  • We serve more than 150 large companies in various industries.
  • We have six offices across Europe.
  • We have implemented more than 450 interfaces to external systems.