An Introduction to IBM Maximo Application Suite: Discover the Power of Modern Asset Management – MACS Webinar

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The Maximo Application Suite (MAS) is the future of enterprise asset management and can help you digitally transform your businesses asset management through a single platform. In this session, we will show how the application suite can help increase the uptime, improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs of your assets and build a more resilient operation.

This webinar is perfect for new and existing customers looking to learn all about of the Maximo Application Suite in a concise and easy-to-digest webinar. We will explore the latest modules, the new licensing model and even give you a demo of the software so you can see first-hand how MAS could add value to your business.

This webinar will include:

  • A comprehensive overview of IBM Maximo Application Suite: You’ll learn about the key modules and functionalities of the suite.
  • Simplifying the new licensing AppPoints licensing model: We will give you a brief overview of the new system and highlight the key benefits.
  • Sustainability and IBM MAS: See how the suite can help your operations can operate more sustainably with IBM Envizi.
  • A live demo of IBM Maximo Application Suite in action: You’ll see first-hand how the application suite can be used to manage assets, schedule maintenance, and track work orders.
  • A Q&A session with our team experts: You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from our expert MACS team throughout and at the end of the session.


Wednesday 19th April 2023 – An Introduction to IBM Maximo Application Suite: Discover the Power of Modern Asset Management

Date: Wednesday 19th April 2023

Time: 10am BST (11am CST)


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