MACS and Code Development offer Maximo Release Pack, Test and Evaluation Service

MACS is pleased to announce a partnership with Code Development Ltd (CDL) for the delivery of a Maximo Release Pack, Test and Evaluation Service. One of the key components of the delivery of this support service is MaxTAF, the leading Maximo automated test tool from CDL.

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MACS has created a set of three testing services for Maximo users namely Base Level Testing, Base Level with Service Provider Testing and Bespoke Maximo System Testing. These services have been developed in response to recent changes in the way that IBM delivers software patches to Maximo clients. Maximo Release Packs are now being used to deliver new functionality to Maximo users in addition to providing software fixes. This new approach has implications for clients in that there is an increased requirement to ensure that the installation of Release Packs do not negatively affect a client’s production system. It requires an understanding of what is included in the Release Pack and how that may affect the functionality used by a Maximo client. Utilising this new service, we achieve this through thorough system testing against a comprehensive set of business processes. The overall affect is to reduce risk and make for a simpler and smoother installation.

Guus de Nijs, the Managing Director of IBM Premier Business Partner MACS said, ‘The Maximo Release Pack, Testing and Evaluation Service is a further extension of our Maximo Support Services. The recent use of Release Packs by IBM has added an additional testing requirement on users which MACS are helping to address through this service. We are very pleased to be partnering in the delivery of this service with CDL through the use of their MaxTAF automated testing tool.’

Dusko Delic, the Managing Director of CDL said, ‘MaxTAF is the leading Maximo automated testing tool on the market and CDL are very pleased to be working with MACS on their Maximo Release Pack, Testing and Evaluation Service. This is an important area of testing for every Maximo user and this new Support Service will help reduce the risk to production services due to the installation of Release Patches.’

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