MACS enriches Maximo with the Inspector Basic extension

MACS continues to invest in functionality that enhances and enriches the already lush IBM Maximo as it comes out-of-the-box. As a follow-up to last year’s MACS Inspector Plus add-on, MACS now releases functionality that will support many organizations with more modest requirements in this area.

It will allow them to reap the benefit of having more organized and efficient inspection process. MACS can make this Inspector Basic extension available in all common IBM Maximo and IBM Control Desk releases

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Of course, Maximo is well equipped with different sorts of functionality for inspections. A recent Maximo Feature Pack also included some new out-of-the-box functionality that will serve nicely to accommodate the requirements of many businesses. Nevertheless, MACS is convinced that the existing Inspector Plus add-on and the new Inspector Basic extension are a better match for many other businesses.

What does Inspector Basic do for you? It is based on the standard Maximo functionality that allows you to define attributes/specifications on Classification level. These Classifications, in turn, can be put to use in Job Plans you will tend to use in defining your inspection points.

IBM Maximo - new functionality

Next, we embedded an Inspection tab in the Work Order Tracking, Quick Reporting, and the Mobile Inspection applications. The latter serves well for those organizations that support their day-to-day work using tablets such as iPads and Galaxy Note tablets. The screen of mobile application is optimized handling work orders during mobile use.

An important aspect of performing inspections is handling the follow-up of failed inspections. Our Inspector Basic functionality automatically creates tasks in a follow-up work order for those inspection points that did not obtain the OK mark.

Not only does the Inspector Basic extension add functionality to work orders, it also enriches the view of the asset manager in your organization: The Assets application is enhanced with a special section that shows relevant information as to when the latest inspection was conducted.

Perhaps just as important, the user can see at one glance which inspection points failed in the past, thus enabling an asset manager or service engineer in pinpointing root causes much better. Also, it will help them in performing reviews of maintenance cycles.

Are you ready to benefit from these advantages? Get in touch with MACS to make inspections easier. Does your process call for a solution that can cope with more extensive and complicate requirements? Then why not check out Inspector Plus add-on.