Introduction to IBM Maximo Applications Suite new AppPoints Licensing

Looking for an easy to understand guide on the AppPoints licensing model for Maximo Application Suite? This blog is the perfect simple guide to understanding the basics of the new licensing model for IBM Maximo’s Application Suite. We will briefly introduce the basics you need to know and then highlight some of the key benefits and changes when it comes to the licensing and usage changes in IBM MAS.

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IBM has unveiled new licensing for the IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS) which offers greater flexibility and simplifies usage with a single AppPoints based license. As businesses continue to modify their software and technology needs, MAS is equipped to meet these evolving specifications, allowing your solution to be customised to your business needs.

What is the IBM Maximo Application Suite?

The IBM Maximo Application Suite is a comprehensive asset and service management software that helps organisations manage their assets and services efficiently. It offers extensive capabilities to manage all facets of asset lifecycle management, including preventive maintenance, repair and calibration, purchasing, inventory, and logistics. IBM Maximo Application Suite helps organisations optimise their operations, improve customer service, and reduce costs and risks. IBM MAS is the industry leading tool in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

The AppPoint model basics

IBM has designed the AppPoints licensing system to cater to the needs of the users. The system allows organisations to use a pool of AppPoints available to them, which they can distribute among their users. When a user logs in, they consume AppPoints, which are then deducted from the pool. When the user logs out, the points are released back into the pool for other users to access.

For organisations that require named users, IBM has made authorised and concurrent licensing available. The authorised or named users, including the system administrator(s), will have their AppPoints reserved even when they are not logged in, ensuring continuous access to the Application Suite.

AppPoints can be purchased for authorised users or concurrent users, but in our experience, most organisations are able to optimise licencing costs by primarily using concurrent licences, with a small number of authorised users for those who use IBM Maximo on a daily basis.

Some applications, tools, and add-ons within the suite require an upfront reservation of AppPoints at deployment time. The amount of AppPoints may vary based on the deployment configuration, and MACS can assist your company in determining the requirements and discussing the necessary AppPoints to deliver.

A diagram showing the Pool of AppPoints and how Concurrent users, Installs and Authorised users use AppPoints from the pool.

New Licensing Model Advantages

Pay only for what you use

With per-user entitlement across the suite, your purchases can be applied to any MAS solution. Usage is simultaneous and user-focused, maximizing ROI on reliability solutions.

Easy Deployment for Business Expansion

Start with the apps you need and easily add more as your company grows, adding different modules to the suite.

More Features Included

New licensing model for Manage includes AppPoint savings with standard features such as:

  • IBM Maximo Scheduler for graphical planning and assignments using visual display.
  • IBM Maximo Mobile for mobile work execution, inspections, and service requests.


Maximo Application Suite AppPoints licensing diagram and the applications that belong in the suite.

Being IBM Platinum Business Partners MACS’s expert team can help guide your journey within Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and moving to the IBM Maximo Application Suite. Contact us below and one of our team will happily answer any questions you may have.

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