Maximo Manage Updates for 8.6

IBM Maximo is an operational asset management program designed to help businesses effectively manage machines, IT equipment, buildings systems and more. Maximo gives you an overview of planned and unplanned maintenance activities and creates an interface through which you can record any changes to your asset portfolio. In this article, we’ll run through the latest changes and what’s available in Maximo 8.6.

Mas dashboard on screen

Maximo Manage 8.6 Released August 2023

The latest update offers more detailed work orders, enhanced dashboards and a whole host of new integrations. Read on to find out what’s new in Maximo Manage 8.6.

Maximo Manage 8.6: What’s New?

More Detailed Work Orders

With Maximo Manage 8.6, you can now add links, images and text formatting to each work order’s long description. This feature means you can create much more detailed and readable work orders, with bold text, bullet points and diagrams.

Dashboard Enhancements

Your dashboards are your main interface into the Maximo program, from which you can track work orders, create job cards and view schedules. Both the operational and scheduling dashboards have had updates in Maximo 8.6. Here’s what’s new:

Operational Dashboard

  1. Track overdue maintenance and emergency work, pending approvals for work orders and the rate at which preventative maintenance work orders are closed. Managers can gain oversight of work order completion quickly and accurately to reach targets.
  2. Use Favourites to find your most frequently used applications quickly and easily. 
  3. The new Quick Actions card lets you create work orders, service requests, job plans and more in fewer clicks.
  4. A new card shows Workflow Assignments Due Soon. On this card you can accept, reject, route and reassign workflow assignments to ensure quick completion.

Scheduling Dashboard

  1. The new Resource Levelling Tab provides an overview of resource allocation and planned work to support project management. You can filter by date range and view priority, duration and scheduled start dates.
  2. Optimization reports now show the progress of current optimisations and the details of the previous optimisation cycle, helping you monitor progress towards business goals.
  3. The Calendars application now offers new shift break options. These update labour availability data to reflect shift breaks, protecting labour rights and affording managers accurate views of availability.

Maximo® Optimizer Updates

The latest version features enhanced scheduling and dispatching features, including:

  1. Updated optimisation rules to support high-priority work, records locked by date or time, and availability due to shift breaks.
  2. There are new constraints to support custom fields in the Graphical Scheduling applications.
  3. The Graphical Assignment application also has updated optimisation rules

Technical Updates

New Interface for Java™ or automation scripts

This new JavaTM interface accesses a registered store and reads, writes or deletes documents and attachments according to your automation script. Read more about how IBM Maximo® Manage helps manage attachments here.

Advanced Search 

In Work Orders and Workflow Assignments applications, you can now use the advanced search function to filter jobs by target start and finish times, priorities, job plans and more. Click the filter icon to see full additional search fields.

New Integrations Available

Advanced management software works best when it is part of a holistic, data-informed system. IBM® are continually adding new integrations to Maximo® Manage to create a full-spectrum approach to business intelligence, automation, reporting and management software.

IBM® Cognos® Analytics x Maximo® Manage

Maximo® Manage 8.6 can now integrate with your Cognos® Analytics server, providing an extra suite of business intelligence tools such as data visualisations and AI insights.

Envizi ESG Suite x Maximo® Manage

Integrate Maximo® Manage with your Envizi ESG reporting suite to automatically synchronise asset location and metre readings. By integrating Maximo and Envizi suites, businesses can track energy usage across electricity, gas and water, and calculate related emissions for your ESG reporting.

TRIRIGA Application Suite x Maximo® Manage

The TRIRIGA app suite offers intelligent asset management to meet the needs of modern facilities, managing real estate throughout each asset’s lifecycle. By integrating TRIRIGA and Maximo® Manage, your software suite can support continuous synchronisation of portfolio data such as locations, assets and people, as well as routing service requests and enable facility-based teams to plan and manage projects with automatic shadowing of work orders.