Pictures and IBM Maximo

We all know the added value of images. Displaying an image often tells more than a thousand words. Too bad the power of images is still seldom used in IBM Maximo. Pictures can make it instantly clear to users in technical environments what an asset or item looks like. MACS has developed an automation script that will help in populating IBM Maximo records without any hassle while adding the appropriate image.


How images help identifying assets

Especially with the large number, complexity, and variety in assets, your staff will not always know what an asset looks like. At the same time, everyone will acknowledge a pictures will be helpful in identifying assets.

Out-of-the-box IBM Maximo offers a standard Add/Modify Image. It can be used to upload an image of, for example, an item or an asset; improving the features. The disadvantage is you must upload each image one by one. Consequently turning an in-itself good functionality into a gruesome nightmare.

Pictures and IBM Maximo

To cater for this kind of situations, MACS created an automation script. The script performs a mass upload of images and associates these with the appropriate records. It can do that for any record type that allows additions and modifications of images.

Typically, you would like to put it to use to clarify Items and Assets. However you can also consider associating images with Classifications or other records.

Pictures and IBM Maximo

The MACS image upload script associates the image from the designated folder in your network with the appropriate record in Maximo. The only requirement is to indicate the unique record ID.  A unique record ID is an Item number or Asset number that needs to be linked to the picture.

A script saves huge amounts of time

The script saves huge amounts of time. As a result it is especially useful for those companies with a vast numbers of assets and items. It may also prove particularly helpful to organisations that didn’t include images in the past and now understand the added value of visuals. And for those companies the script is a fast and efficient way to achieve your goal.


This is just one of the practical solutions MACS has on offer. The team working at MACS are constantly striving to create the perfect working environment for you and your staff. If you can picture an improvement, we can realise it for you. Your IBM Maximo problem is our challenge.

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