Planning & Scheduling with IBM Maximo – MACS Webinar

Explore the Capabilities of IBM Maximo in MACS latest webinar series. In this second session we take a look at the planning and scheduling within IBM Maximo and the benefit of utilising add-ons such as IBM Maximo Scheduler and EAM Flex Calendar Plus to help streamline planning, scheduling and assignment processes within your business.

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Explore the Capabilities of IBM Maximo

MACS explores IBM Maximo and brings you a series of interactive webinars focused on how to enable your organisation to run as efficiently as possible. In this webinar we will focus on out of the features that IBM Maximo comes with as standard to help you with your planning and scheduling needs but also show you the advantages of add-ons such as IBM Maximo Scheduler and EAM Flex Calendar plus from EAM Swiss one of our other business partner solutions.

Wednesday 26th October 2022 – Planning & Scheduling with IBM Maximo – 10am BST / 11am CET

IBM Maximo comes with a lot of out of the box functionalities, as well as being able to be customised to suit your business needs. MACS will explore IBM Maximo and how MACS can make IBM Maximo work for you. MACS will show the following features for Planning and scheduling in IBM Maximo:

  • Out of the box functionalities
  • IBM Maximo Scheduler add-on
  • EAM Flex Calendar Plus add-on

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