SaaS Maximo | Asset Management In The MACS Cloud

SaaS Maximo – In the past, selecting an Asset Maintenance Management tool marked the beginning of both a cumbersome implementation project and stressful application management.

MACS now puts an end to the stress by offering a complete and carefree solution: MACS SaaS for IBM Maximo. The only thing left for you to decide is if you want to go for the best asset maintenance management tool around-  Maximo Of course you do!


Maintenance and facility departments still manage their assets in the traditional way, typically these organizations opted for an on-premise installation, which added value many years ago.

Today MACS is convinced many organizations would benefit massively from considering a cloud-based solution instead.

These benefits apply to organizations already using IBM Maximo, organizations that are considering and selecting their first tool or those unhappy with their current solution and are looking for alternatives.

This is because the MACS SaaS solution for IBM Maximo offers a complete package that will launch you full speed into the 21st century.

Now what is MACS SaaS for IBM Maximo?

To start you will have both a fully hosted Production and Test environment, including database and application server.

Also included is basic configuration, data import, and training as per the MACS Quick Start methodology. Configuration as part of the Quick Start encompasses a pre-defined number of dashboards, escalations, notifications, and authorization profiles.

The package delivers complete Maximo, including all Asset, Work order, Purchasing and Inventory applications. In addition, end-users obtain access to the new, sleek and intuitive Service Request Work Center which permits them to log and follow up on their requests.

The new Maximo Work Centers are also excellent for use with mobile devices, keeping managers, mechanics and for end-users tuned in as they are on the road.

The standard offer will typically cover a situation with an Administrator, a work planner and five mechanics as well as 75 self-service users. Of course, MACS can provide customized proposals that meet specific needs.

MACS hosts the MACS SaaS in one of our trusted data centers, in either Germany or the Netherlands. MACS SaaS is compliant with all stringent EU data regulations, including the German privacy laws (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz). Furthermore, the environments of the solution are scalable and in good size, thus generating the performance you require and expect, as well as the promise of a hassle-free scaling as your business grows.

That’s not all …

The package comes with the renowned MACS helpdesk, functional, and technical support for the duration of the agreement. Remember that the MACS helpdesk boasts support in four languages: English, German, French, and Dutch.

Part of the MACS SaaS for IBM Maximo package are all these components:

  • Installation,
  • configuration,
  • hosting,
  • licenses, and
  • support.

MACS SaaS comes at a monthly fee of just GBP 1,499.  No further implementation or maintenance fees or hidden costs. It is all part of the deal.

Interested in learning how this offer can boost your maintenance performance, lower your downtime, and lessen your worries? Reach out to us. Do you think our offer has potential but does not fully cover your wants and needs? Let us know and we will get back to you with unbeatable offer for IBM Maximo that gets you sky high into the cloud.