Sustainability & Carbon Reporting in Real Estate Management – Podcast with MACS, IBM and Envizi

In this podcast Paul Gatland talks with Peter Lemon from MACS and James Hobbs, IBM‘s EMEA GM for Envizi about sustainability and the impact of the mandatory climate change reporting rules.

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This podcast explores Sustainability and Carbon reporting in the Real Estate Management industry, featuring our very own Peter Lemon, Senior Strategic Consultant, Paul Gatland, Partner Ecosystem Manager from IBM and James Hobbs, general manager EMEA from Envizi (an IBM company).

In this episode, the conversation revolves around an imperative topic, Sustainability. The in-depth discussion explores how sustainability has changed the real estate market in recent times and the impact of the recently introduced mandatory climate change reporting rules on carbon emissions management. Tune in to learn more about the predicted roadmap of carbon reporting and how IBM Sustainability software implemented with MACS years of experience is able to assist with your organisation’s sustainability journey.

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Paul Gatland, Partner Manager in Sustainability Software – IBM

James Hobbs, General manager, EMEA – Envizi (an IBM Company)

Peter Lemon, Strategic Consultant – MACS EU (IBM Gold Business Partner)

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