Manage multidisciplinary requests Control Desk

Photo 3 rf with ibm control desk

IBM Control Desk has different applications on offer that support you in setting up Request Fulfilment (RF) requests. The Offerings application permits you to create a wide range of fulfillment requests, ranging from easy, straightforward requests to complicated ones. Each offering may be governed by a separate workflow, template, and presentation layer, thus giving you optimal agility and flexibility.

A typical example of a request requiring contributions from a different department is the onboarding of a new employee. Such requests commonly require attention from IT, Facilities, Security and even other departments.

A configured Offering in ICD will allow end-users to pick the appropriate Request Fulfilment request from the Self-Service Center, the ICD application that is accessible to any end-user free of charge. Next, they will be prompted to fill out the necessary details to ensure proper handling.


When submitting the form, the service request and the accompanying workflow are triggered. In the case of Request Fulfilment requests, the appropriate request fulfilment activities are created based on the selections made by the end-user.

In the example above, the end-user did not tick the “Headset?” and “VDI?” checkboxes. As a result, no activities will be created for these fulfilment actions, just those that were selected. This results in an efficient process in which it is instantly clear what needs to be done by whom and in which order.

All activities are automatically assigned the responsible owner group, be it from IT, Facilities, Engineering or any other department. Activities for Request Fulfilment can be put under flow control, thus ensuring teams handle their tasks in the right sequence and at the right time. Email notifications may be issued to notify involved teams of new activities coming in. This is especially helpful for those teams that are not constantly working in IBM Control Desk.

Needless to say, RF request handling can be tuned further by providing separate Start Center result sets to the users by assigning relevant permissions to the involved users. To avoid privacy issues with Request Fulfilment requests that contain sensitive data, conditions can be put into place to prevent unauthorised staff from viewing and handling such tickets.

This is just one of the practical solutions MACS has on offer. We at MACS are constantly striving to create the perfect working environment for you and your staff. If you can picture an improvement, we can help you in fulfilling it. Your IBM Control Desk problem is our challenge.