Maximo SR Work Center improved User Experience

IBM intensifies its enforced investment in IBM Maximo. One of the areas where this becomes increasingly clear is in the development of the Maximo Work Centers. We like to highlight the Service Requests Work Center as a result of its importance as the point of entry for both end-users and maintenance and engineering staff

Improved maximo service requests

What service requests do

The use of Service Requests is a key element in involving and engaging end-users. That is not where it ends, though. It also provides an excellent means for staff to report issues and requests while they are about for an inspection or other types of maintenance.

Maximo Service Requests

IBM acknowledges the relevance of an easy-to-use channel for submitting and following Service Requests. The developers of IBM built The Service Requests (SR) Work Center with particular conditions in mind. Firstly, it focuses on responsiveness. This means it aims at providing users with the same experience no matter what device they use. This becomes clear when you use the SR Work Center on different surfaces, be it a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. The user experience, or UX in short, is identical.

Secondly, the SR Work Center – and other Maximo Work Centers, for that matter – has been designed in such a way that users can understand the behavior of the Work Centers without the need for special training. As such, it sets the standard for a new kind of intuition.

Furthermore, IBM devotes much attention to designing Work Centers for specific roles, incorporating their goals, needs, and interests. This role-based approach creates an instant fit and results in end-users wanting to use and re-use the Work Center.

Lastly, the Work Centers excel in their simplicity, but still have the ingenious traits Maximo at its core. IBM did a wonderful job in redesigning Maximo components so that interacting with the system is as simple as possible.


Inituitive Edge Maximo SR Work Centre

The intuitive edge to the SR Work Center makes it an excellent tool for anyone in your organization. Logging new Service Requests, including attachments and location information, is done in a matter of seconds. Monitoring outstanding requests or being notified of changes to those is just as easy.

The Maximo SR Work Center can be the point-of-entry not just for your maintenance requests. It is also there to take on any requests coming for facilities, IT or human resources and can thus provide a way to leverage the benefits of centralizing support activities.

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