Other Business Solutions

Our long-term business partnerships are a vital component of MACS Strategy. By delivering exceptional service since 1986, we are proud to be one of the largest European IBM Gold Business Partners in the Digital Enterprise Asset Management & Integrated Workspace Management space. As leaders in this space we have selected best of class solutions to complement our existing offerings.

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Our Other Business Solutions

We work with a range of industry partners to provide specialist solutions to meet more specific needs of your business, such as process optimisation, compliance around preventative maintenance, and strategic lifecycle management.

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Other Business Solutions

MACS Extensions MACS consultants are able to create specific Maximo extensions and accelerators, created to enhance our client’s systems. Our individual offerings are explained in more detail below, on how our solutions can further benefit our clients.

Cognito iQ’s Mobile Workforce Management provides field workers with an easy to use, intuitive workflow, available on any supported mobile device. Using decision-tree logic to guide workers through tasks, the workflow adapts according to the data entered

SFG20 Integration Tool The SFG20 library of maintenance specifications for building engineering services is the industry standard for planned maintenance and an essential tool for facilities managers, building owners, contractors, and consultants, enabling you to stay compliant – saving time, energy and money

Interloc Solutions with Mobile informer experience the mobile platform that is not only validated IBM Ready for Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure but has also won multiple IBM and Industry awards, including Best in Show at IBM Pulse (2012), two Finalist placements for IBM Beacon Awards (2013 and 2015) and Mobile Enterprise’s Mobilizer Award for Field Service (2013).


Experience the benefits.


As a Premium IBM Gold Partner, we provide professional services for Maximo, Tririga and Control Desk packages


Hybrid Best of Class solutions to suit your needs with flexible deployment options.


We’re well positioned to support organisations across Europe and UK .

Our Business Partners & Soloutions.

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Cognito iQ is a cloud-based platform that enables service organisations to plan, execute and monitor field performance.

Our intelligent mobile workflow seamlessly guides field workers through tasks, gathering data about shift performance.

Real-time data from the field is presented in easy to understand dashboards; with the ability to drill down into granular detail to understand operational performance.


Asset Investment Optimization Suite

Reduces Risk with Defendable Asset Plans

PowerPlan helps quantify asset risk for constituents, driving smarter investments that help your organization prevent catastrophic infrastructure failure, while also predicting maintenance and replacement timing for today, tomorrow and the next 100 years.

Prioritizes Infrastructure Investment for Maximum Return

PowerPlan provides a decision framework and scenario analysis, allowing your team to allocate capital fairly for the most effective investments. PowerPlan also helps your organization clearly identify funding gaps so they can be addressed.

Aligns with Organizational Objectives and Industry Standards

PowerPlan allows public organizations to sync their asset investment strategy with requirements for grant programs, as well as regional, national and international asset management standards such as ISO 55000, MAP-21 legislation, EPA Consent decrees



Mobile Informer

By leveraging IBM’s Best Practices and building Mobile Informer using the MIF we created our Native Platform for Maximo Mobility.


Installed within minutes as a Maximo application, the Mobile Informer platform gives you 100% user adoption through simple, role-based, native apps. You can experience fast ROI because there are no additional hardware or software requirements.


With Mobile Informer, your “In the field” workforce don’t need to learn Maximo to do their job, which means, you can experience maximum user acceptance with minimal training.



SFG20 is the ideal solution for facilities managers, building owners, contractors and consultants who want to remain compliant while saving time, energy and money.

The definitive standard for planned and preventative maintenance, SFG20 is unique in the industry. An online, dynamic service, SFG20 provides access to a growing library of maintenance schedules which are dynamically updated as legislation changes.

SFG20 facilitates the identification of maintainable assets, providing the benchmark for optimum maintenance to avoid over or under maintaining. With options to customise schedules and create service booklets, optimising your maintenance with SFG20 couldn’t be easier

Other MACS Business Solutions

Reporting features

Solution Description
MACS Enterprise Asset Management powered by IBM Maximo  is an excellent maintenance and asset management system which gives you necessary insights from
many angles.

MACS has developed an Asset
Configuration Extension (ACE) within Maximo designed to provide users with just the information they need to support their daily work.

Solution Overview

What does the extension do?

Firstly, it presents all the work orders (and service requests) that have been
completed or are outstanding for the selected asset on a separate tab.

At first glance, your asset manager will be able to view which work type has been carried out and what further
future work has been planned. To make life even easier, the extension splits the work orders by type.

Functional Overview

As this extension is embedded in our MACS Enterprise Asset Managemen on-premise solution it is delivered complimentary when purchased directly from MACS.

Our extension uses but a few
well-thought-through relationships, and no customisation whichcmakes the extension futureproof for Maximo releases to come.


Preventive maintenance 1024x576 1

Solution Description

At the core functionality of MACS Enterprise Asset Management powered by IBM Maximo is the Preventive Maintenance application.

This application is used to generate work orders for your organisation in accordance with the appropriate frequencies and seasonal

Out of the box it does not provide direct insights as to which work orders were created against a PM

MACS has resolved this gap by creating the PM Configuration Extension (or “PMCE”).

Solution Overview
The PMCE extension presents all work orders generated against the selected PM
Your maintenance staff will see the work orders that were executed in the past as well as those that are being currently worked on and those that have been scheduled.

The ability to deep dive into a
specific work order for further details is also available. The PM Configuration Extension comes with several default
columns that can be adjusted to your organisation’s requirements.

Functionality Overview

As this extension is embedded in our MACS Enterprise Asset Managemen on-premise solution it is delivered complimentary when purchased directly from MACS.

Our extension uses but a few
well-thought-through relationships, and no customisation whichcmakes the extension futureproof for Maximo releases to come.


Solution Description

Through a steering committee comprising of a number of our Facility Management customers; we identified the need to have a single solution to address the various day to day facility reservations occurring throughout their businesses.

FAME 2.0 – Facility & Asset Management in one Environment was developed.

Solution Overview

MACS Fame 2.0 enriches IBM Maximo with day to day Facility Management functionalities.

With MACS Fame you have the solution to enable practical Facility matters within IBM Maximo. These include but are not limited to:

  • Booking Meeting rooms
  • Car Park Reservations
  • Key Management
  • Reserve company vehicles
  • Visitor Management
  • Ordering Catering

Functionality Overview

As this extension is embedded in our MACS Enterprise Asset Managemen on-premise solution it is delivered complimentary when purchased directly from MACS.

We are continuously developing this extension in line with IBM Maximo releases which makes the extension futureproof.


Working with MACS

Our team of consultants have a broad set of skills, backgrounds and expertise, giving them the versatility to work with clients in a range of industries across the UK, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

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