Preventive Maintenance Configuration Extension

MACS consultants are able to create specific Maximo extensions and accelerators, created to enhance our client’s systems. Our individual offerings are explained in more detail below, on how our solutions can further benefit our clients.

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Our Solutions

Solution Description 

At the co​re functionality of MACS Enterprise Asset Management powered by IBM Maximo is the Preventive Maintenance application. This application is used to generate work orders for your organisation in accordance with the appropriate frequencies and seasonal dates.

Out of the box it does not provide direct insights as to which work orders were created against a PM schedule. MACS has resolved this gap by creating the PM Configuration Extension (or “PMCE”).

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Solution Overview
The PMCE extension presents all work orders generated against the selected PM schedule. Your maintenance staff will see the work orders that were executed in the past as well as those that are being currently worked on and those that have been scheduled.

The ability to deep dive into a specific work order for further details is also available. The PM Configuration Extension comes with several default columns that can be adjusted to your organisation’s requirements.

Functionality Overview 

As this extension is embedded in our MACS Enterprise Asset Management on-premise solution it is delivered complimentary when purchased directly from MACS.

Our extension uses but a few well-thought-through relationships, and no customisation which makes the extension future proof for Maximo releases to come.

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